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website development

How could we imagine how lucky we were when someone suggested Stelios to build our website. Stelios, initially, is a very pleasant person to work with. He knows his subject very well. However, three things make him stand out significantly.
1. His communication. It was very easy to communicate with him. He asked many questions to understand exactly what we needed and he explained to us very carefully his every move, without being necessary, and in an incredibly understandable way, despite the unknown of the subject.
2. His speed. He realized our stress, and made it his own, to the point that he worked rather than many hours during the day to make a record in the fastest website construction.
3. His vision and faith. What makes Stelios significantly different from most of the people we work with every day, is that he loved our website and put a piece of his own in it, as if it were his own. He made it the way he would make it for him.
The result is wonderful after the attention it received from Stelios. Thank you for everything.



website development - digital marketing

I have been working with Demelion for 1 year now and so far I must say I am impressed with the quality of service they provide.
They have been very thorough in my project approach and very creative in the way to tackle some of the issues I have challenged them with.
We are keep working with Charalampos in our digital strategy and all our work brings so much traffic in our excellent made showcase website!
The team also have been very reactive so far to all my demands – highly recommend!



website development - digital marketing

We have always found that Stelios and Charalampos at Demelion provide just the right balance of professionalism, creativity and customer service to suit our needs. They are great listeners, they understood exactly what I was trying to achieve and I can’t praise their attention to detail highly enough.
I have used Demelion for over a year now and would highly recommend them.
The team are responsive, adaptable, reliable and a pleasure to work with.



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